Soymate- heavy duty portable soymilk maker to help the world stay fit

"Soymate", is a portable, one touch operational and multi use heavy duty soymilk extraction machine can also extract corn milk and blend vegetables and Fruits. The soymate machine weighs only 5 Kgs and can be easily transported and operated at any location. In a span of 20 minutes the machine can produce 5 litres of fresh soymilk from 350 grams of soybeans. The father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi advocated use of soyabean in India in 1935, Soyabean, with over 40 percent protein and 20 percent oil, has now been recognized all over the world as a potential supplementary source of edible oil and nutritious food. Studies have proven that Soymilk is more nutritious and healthy as compared to cow’s milk and is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and protein
Health Benefits of Soymilk
•   Strengthen Blood Vessel Integrity
•  Promote Weight Loss
•  Prevent Prostate Cancer
•  Prevent Osteoporosis
•  Prevent Postmenopausal Syndromes
•  Improve Lipid Profile

Having soymate at home will help the entire family stay fit and healthy by having access to fresh soymilk, corn milk, vegetables and fruit drinks etc but also lead to making Tofu which is healthy alternative to panner and using okara , the healthy by-product of milk extraction process to make a host of products from upma to biscuits and cutlets.
Soymate has also been used successfully by organisation working for nutrition of children in our villages and the machine is helping them battle against malnutrition and hunger and thus contribution to a stronger nation.

ACES -AC Power saver. Attach this product to your AC and get up to 70% savings

ACES is currently the only energy saver in the market that can save upto 70% of the AC energy costs. Using Advanced microcontrollers, it continuous monitors changes in the surrounding temperature and humidity and accordingly alters the operational cycle of the air conditioner.
ACES delivers significantly higher levels of energy efficiency in all weather conditions and can be installed with window, split as well as single cassette ACs.
Key benefits
•  Reduce your operating costs
•  Reduce service and maintenance cost
•  Increase profits by delaying CAPEX
•  Increase the operational life of the Air conditioner

M-Sense – Smart Motion sensors – never again light / fan will be wasted.

M-sensors are smart motion sensors specifically designed for use in India. They can detect the Infrared Rays released by human body. Electrical devices are activated automatically by the presence of a human body within the detection range & when there is no presence the devices will be deactivated automatically.
M-sense leads to considerable energy saving by switching off the lights when the space is not in use. Larger the facility facilities, higher the savings. Studies have shown that a single unit of energy saved at the end use point is equal to 2.3 units of energy produced.
Key advantages
•  No separate wiring is required
•  M-sense will pay back for itself within 8 to 12 months by reducing electricity bills and will continue to further save
•  Easy installation and can be installed by in – house technician itself.

Fireball Extinguisher – extinguishes fire even in your absence

The Fireball Extinguisher is a scientifically-proven and effective self-activating fire extinguishing solution for virtually any situation where there is the possibility of an accidental fire. It can be in the home, office, factory, bus, restaurant…in fact, it can be anywhere!
If you happen to be near the fire when it starts, simply toss the AFG Fire Ball on to the fire and it will explode and disperse non-toxic chemical powder which will extinguish the fire.
Generally the AFG Fire Ball is placed close to the potential source of the fire like kitchen burners; server rooms, electrical boards etc using the specially-designed stand that comes which each unit. When this ball comes in contact with fire it automatically exploded and disperses non-toxic chemical powder which will extinguish the fire.